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Website Visual Update!

7-22-14 -- Masterzach32

BLST Craft has gotten another visual update! We now use Bootstrap to help with webpage design and formatting. I also added a nice server status in the sidebar for all. Hope you enjoy the update and please report any bugs you find to me on the forums!
Please note the Website server status will say UNDER MAINTINENCE for awile, as I will be working on updating the other pages over the next few days.

Website Update!

As you can see, BLST Craft has gotten an update! I have given the website some texture updates. It may be awhile before all the pages are updated to the new look, so please be patient! I know their are plenty of bugs to be fixed so please report any bugs to me on the new forums! Thanks!

- Masterzach32

A Sad Announcement :(

As of now, the server is down, and we dont think that it will come up again. If we do decide to bring the server back up, we would need some donations to keep it going. If you would donate to the server then please post that on our new forums here.

Thank you,


Hello everyone. Our server has just opened and we don't expect anyone to donate yet. If you do feel like donating please don't at the moment. I have not fully set them up and don't want any of you to lose your money. Save the thought. We will get them fixed and save for your to use.

Thank you for the support

Server Status:


Minigames: OFFLINE

Factions: OFFLINE


Website: ONLINE


100% Complete Up to date!